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ADDvantages Learning Center is a South Jersey based tutoring center for children with learning disabilities including ADD, ADHD, Math Struggles, Reading Struggles, Writing Struggles and a host of other learning disabilities and diagnosis.  When your child is struggling in school, you may feel hopeless, resentful, or completely lost. When all the best efforts from yourself at home or the school district show little to no results, what do you do?

Though you feel defeated right now, you know that you can’t give up because you know the importance of educational success for your child’s future. Most families are doing the same thing repeatedly and not reaching the success they need.

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Are You Doing the Same Thing Over and Over and Expecting Different Results?

So many would say yes. When a system is not working, you must make a change so that you can see real results and reach real success. Our process is more than just strategies and tutoring. We develop the weak underlying cognitive processing skills required to learn efficiently and work independently. By visiting ADDvantages Learning, you are taking the first step toward the biggest problem you are facing today. We’ve found a better way — a way that has worked for over almost a thousand families. We believe our students have the right to learn in a way to meet their potential and feel good about themselves. Our results are not just for a short-term or just a marking period but also for a lifetime.

It is our commitment to help your child whether they are struggling with homework, chores, social-emotional learning, attention, homework, reading, writing, math, spelling, grades, and more. Take our FREE Brain Basics Quiz today for success tomorrow!

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Take our free Brain Basics Quiz to identify the possible causes of learning difficulties and what cognitive processing skills may need to be strengthened for independent learning.


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