BrainWare SAFARI

Award-winning BrainWare SAFARI builds 41 cognitive skills in 6 areas: Attention, Memory, Thinking, Visual Processing, Auditory Processing, and Sensory Integration. The 20 exercises in BrainWare SAFARI are based on decades of proven clinical practice.  Packed with 168 levels of fun and engaging progressive challenges, along with the motivation and persistence of a video game-like format, helps to develops skills more quickly in where the deficits are the greatest.

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In peer-reviewed, published research, students with specific learning disabilities who used BrainWare SAFARI for 12 weeks, improved key cognitive functions, including verbal working memory, attention, and short-term memory to the level of normally developing students. With stronger cognitive skills, these students were able to make substantial gains in reading and math — 0.8 grade equivalents in reading and 1.0 grade equivalents in math, in just 12 weeks.

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BrainWare SAFARI Remotely Monitored Program

Our students’ access BrainWare SAFARI from the comfort and convenience of their own home. We provide personalized and professional support to receive the maximum benefits of all our programs. BrainWare SAFARI varies per student from 3-5 days a week for 15 to 30 minutes daily one or twice a day.

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