Home Based and In-Office Programs

Online Learning Software with Professional Remote Support

Advances in technology enable us to help anyone, anywhere in the comfort of home. Our home-based scientific proven programs include fun and challenging online exercises. All you need is an internet connection. No matter where you are, we are just a click away!

The parents of our students and adults who live locally often to choose to work with Linda online with remote support for convenience and affordability. So many have invested in tutoring with little to no improvement or continual expenses just to get their child through school. We never want anyone to not receive the help they need to move further ahead at school, work, home, and life. Best of all, you are not alone! Linda Karanzalis will oversee and guide you every step of the way!

Why Home Based Learning?

Home Based and In-Office ProgramsPersonalized with Professional Monitoring and Support

Individualized programs are designed by Linda Karanzalis. Programs protocols are tailored to individual needs based on our executive functioning and cognitive processing profile assessment. Linda monitors, instructs, and supports parents and students to ensure success for all of our students.

Our online programs run from three to ten months. Most importantly, you won’t need to come back and continue year after year! Our number one priority is for you or your child to learn independently and easily, free of frustration for years to come! It’s all based on the science of learning. Schools simply are unable to provide this type of learning! Don’t take this personally, but we don’t want you to come back! We want our students to continue as independent learners, though we love to keep in touch and hearing about their accomplishments as we so often do for years to come!

In-Office Sessions

Linda has limited availability for those who want in-office sessions (from three to ten weeks). Clients are seen on a first-come, first-served basis and may be added to our waiting list. Linda is one of the few people in the country who have over 20 years of experience of in-person brain training. We have ongoing openings as students complete their programs.

The Cost of Unresolved Learning, Attention, and Social Difficulties

Without appropriate and effective intervention, your loved one may have dismal prospects for future success in work, finances, and relationships. Help him to develop a lasting foundation for successful learning and future life achievements. Remember, waiting for the next report card and just hoping the situation will correct itself or that your child will outgrow it rarely happens. If you were stuck on a highway and were given a choice to stay there until construction was done or take a detour, would you do nothing while waiting for the construction to be completed? Of course not!


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