Help For Kids With Writing Struggles

Help For Kids With Writing StrugglesAt ADDvantages Learning Center in South Jersey, we offer both locally based and nationwide programs that provide needed help for kids with writing struggles. ADDvantages is committed to your child’s right to have the skills they need for a quality education and to meet their full potential. We work to improve cognitive abilities and skills, to make changes that last not just for a marking period but for a lifetime.

Writing struggles can be rooted in difficulty with motor skills or expression of thoughts. A person with dysgraphia or a similar writing disability may have difficulties with awkward grip, poor word spacing, or troubles with sentence structure, punctuation or grammar.

Handwriting is still a large part of schoolwork, especially in early years, and writing struggles may impact a child’s motivation and self-esteem. In many cases, schools and teachers think more practice is the answer, when in fact the problem is a need to improve cognitive processing skills. Writing is like driving…we go through the motions without thinking, but both rely on processing skills.

ADDvantages Learning Center has helped many struggling writers and children with dysgraphia. We have found a better way to address learning disabilities…a way that has worked for over a thousand families. We get to the root of the problem and work to develop underlying cognitive skills.

When seeking help for kids with writing struggles, continual practice is not the answer. Improving cognitive processing skills is the foundation for long term improvement. Our individualized brain training programs help improve the way that your child learns, thinks, and processes information, and develops automaticity for your child’s independent academic improvement.

The time to put your child on the right path is now. Start today with our absolutely free brain basics evaluation and request your free 30-minute consultation with Learning Specialist Linda Karanzalis, MS. We have a better way to improve your child’s future.

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