Help for Kids with Reading Struggles

Help for Kids with Reading StrugglesAt the ADDvantages Learning Center, we are a South Jersey based tutoring and training center that offers true help for kids with reading struggles and other learning disabilities. We’re dedicated to the idea that all children have the right to learn valuable skills, to meet their full potential, and have confidence in themselves and their abilities. We help make changes in your child’s learning processes that last for a lifetime, not just a marking period.

When a child is struggling with reading difficulties, it can be torturous for both the child and for you as a parent. Children shrink in their chairs at school hoping they aren’t called on to read out loud. As their struggles continue, they may drop out of school out of frustration, damaging their future financial independence. Parents feel frustrated and defeated, relying on school programs that focus on academics and don’t address the problem of weak processing skills.

Fortunately, ADDvantages offers help for kids with reading struggles that addresses the root of the problem…developing basic auditory processing skills that are needed to learn to read. A child needs to be able to discern sounds to read successfully. At ADDvantages, we employ cognitive training exercises that help your child strengthen processing and auditory skills. We’ve successfully helped many kids improve their skills, through both in-house and remote training programs.

If your child struggles with reading, it’s important for you to address the problem as soon as possible…the sooner your child begins to develop these skills, the easier it will be for them in the future.

Take advantage of our free Brain Basics Quiz, and take a moment today to schedule an absolutely free consultation and evaluation with our Learning Specialist, Linda Karanzalis, MS. At ADDvantages, we are committed to a brighter future, and effective, lasting help for kids with reading struggles.

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