Help for Kids with Learning Disabilities

Help for Kids with Learning Disabilities

ADDvantages Learning Center serves as tutoring center, lending its expertise to local adults and children who have the hurdle of learning disabilities. They host their talents to those with ADD, ADHD, math and reading struggles, and writing comprehension. For those who seek help for kids with learning disabilities, we understand the frustration of feeling hopeless. When the school district trusted to shape the minds of students cannot crack the code on the disconnect between student and education, ADDvantages Learning Center is the haven to turn to.

The value of education and understanding is too precious to cast to the side- you already know this. When looking to get help for kids with learning disabilities, its important to keep in mind the hope for long term results. You may have tried the same methods and options for your child repeatedly, with little to no success in reaching the goals they need.

The difficulty a child faces does not stop in the classroom. It is a weight they take home on a daily basis, and gets shared with you (the parent) who may also struggle with newly added curriculum-mandated methods of teaching. This gap in comprehension can easily leave you feeling mentally hopeless and lost on how to better help your child. Knowing your child’s future is contingent on a healthy educational foundation, ADDvantages Learning Center provides a bridge between that gap.

Addvantages’ mission is toward struggling students with homework, chores, social skills, and attention. A simple visit to the website can kick-start your journey towards a happy healthy growth in education. Our Brain Basics quiz is the first step to highlighting the cause of your educational disruption. We offer free online evaluation and are available for free, no obligation 30-minute consultation regarding your child’s struggles.


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