Homework Frustration

Homework FrustrationDoes homework cause conflict in your house? Do you dread going home to yet another evening of frustration? You’re not alone!

Long and tiring homework stints can be caused by poor attention, reading, comprehension, processing speed, and executive functioning deficiencies. Kids may also not understand the work, know how to how to organize it, manage their time, plan projects, take notes, or quite simply be unable to sustain focus. They are frustrated and can take hours to complete simple assignments that can be completed in 20 minutes!

We have many students who are bringing home unfinished classwork to finish at home in addition to homework. This is inappropriate as students with learning disabilities should not be penalized for having executive functioning and learning difficulties. It’s not easy for these kids, so it’s normal to expect them to act out when something is painful.

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Consequences of Continual Homework Frustration

  • A dislike of school
  • Feelings of discouragement
  • Low self-esteem
  • Emotional upsets and meltdowns
  • Students resorting to lying as a coping mechanism
  • Rarely resulting in improved school performance

Study Skills are NOT the answer

It’s time to stop the damage to your child’s emotionally well-being and the breakdown of family relationships over homework. Repeatedly parents think study skills will solve the problem. It’s a band-aid that keeps falling off and being reapplied. Study skills are not the tools your child needs now, later when his cognitive processing and executive functioning skills are developed is when they can make a difference. They are not developed by accommodations, strategies, or skills. Get the right kind of help. We have over 25 years of experience helping people just like you! It’s not unusual for our students to be complete homework independently or with less parent supervision. In fact, it’s the number one improvement reported to us time and again! Restore the peace in your home by taking the first step, our free consolation.

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