College Students

Executive Functioning and Brain Training for College Students

Is your child getting ready to go to college or perhaps enrolled but struggling? By this point you’ve most likely identified the source of difficulties, are receiving accommodations, had some intervention, or your child may be on medication. It can be a rude awakening for parents who discover they are no longer able to navigate or their child’s behalf as they did in high school with IEPs, 504 plans, child study team meetings, contact with teachers, principals, and more. Colleges view students as adults who are capable of managing themselves and being in charge to make their own decisions.

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Are They Really Ready?

The brain continues to grow until the ages of 25 to 30 years old. This means some students need more time to develop, as they can be up to three to seven years behind developmentally. That said, many students with ADHD, learning or social-emotional difficulties, and academically gifted are not ready despite college acceptance. Well-meaning parents often send them off, hoping for the best. This is not always a good idea for these students! Some are so used to mom being the glue holding it all together to compensate for poor executive functioning skills. Once the scaffolding is taken down, they begin to flounder, struggling in some or all of the following areas, getting up on time to make it to class, completing and turning in assignments, setting or following a schedule, handling social situations, and self-advocating with professors. These students can wind up or end up on academic probation or dropping out.

College Students

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Keep in mind that it’s possible for some to maintain good grades and manage themselves with coping strategies in a college environment. ADDvantages Learning assesses individuals to make sure they have the necessary skills to achieve in college. This is not based on high-school grades, focusing on strengths, or using compensatory strategies. We look at the individual as a whole, along with a cognitive functioning skills assessment. Don’t spend money on expensive testing for college accommodations. This is not a guarantee for success, either. All it takes is a simple executive functioning assessment to determine age levels for the latter to make this determination. This will save you money in the long run and set your child up for success upon enrollment or return for those on probation.

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Countless college-bound students and those enrolled made significant gains in our programs to obtain college degrees! It’s imperative to develop the underlying skills required for successful independence. We have the expertise to get these individuals back on track! Don’t give up. Success is possible! Take our FREE survey and receive a free assessment to see if we are a good fit for you or your loved one.

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