Executive Functioning and Brain Training for Seniors

Are you looking for ways to keep your mind sharp as you age? We recognize that your quality of life is even more important now than ever! Like most retirees, it’s your time to enjoy hobbies, travel, family, friends, and more. Studies time and again show the importance of brain health in our golden years. These same studies show that improvement is possible by exercising your brain just like exercising the body. They show those who continue to be active socially, mentally, and physically have more enjoyable lives than those who are not.

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Worried About Alzheimer’s Onset?

Is your loved one or you worried about Alzheimer’s? Does it run in your family? It’s a very scary situation many individuals and families are facing today. It’s often unrecognized in the early stages, as the signs are subtle and gradual. It’s possible to have dementia and not even know it, making it difficult to detect at the point when intervention is still possible to stop or slow it down.

No One Is Immune

We are all at risk for developing this horrendous disease. We can be predisposed to it due to anesthesia, lack of exercise, medications, depression, exposure to lead, insecticides, previous head trauma, diabetes, loneliness, poor diet, rosacea, infections, and even our beliefs about aging.

You’re Never Too Old to Improve!

Start now to prevent the onset by maintaining your cognitive skills. If you’re already in the beginning or later stages of Alzheimer’s, you still can improve! We don’t diagnose or treat Alzheimer’s, but many have benefited from cognitive training.

Scientific Research

Older adults are more likely to fear losing their mental abilities than their physical abilities. There is a growing body of research that new approaches are emerging from a better understanding of cognitive impairment and the risks. Cognitive training has been proven to be effective than current drug therapies for dementia.

Start Today for a Better Tomorrow!

Our programs are fun, challenging, and can be done in the convenience of your own home with remote monitoring. There are many online programs. However, with ADDvantages we provide support every step of the way. You don’t need to be computer whiz. If you can click a mouse, you are good to go! Sign up for our free assessment to be at your best!


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