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Executive Functioning & Brain Training for Weak Cognitive Processing SkillsExecutive Functioning & Brain Training for Weak Cognitive Processing Skills


Cognitive processing skills are a set of mental skills that allow us to plan, organize, and manage our selves. These skills work together for learning to be enjoyable and with ease. Inefficiency in even one area can cause learning to become very difficult. No amount effort or strategies will make up for the difference. Learning (i.e. reading, writing, math, comprehension, homework) and task completion will be comprised. The brain relies on cognitive processing skills to function in all areas of life. See the skills below and the problems that can happen when they are weak. It’s important to know cognitive processing skills are not fixed, meaning they can be developed and improved!

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The three types of attentions are sustained, divided, and selective. They enable one to start tasks, stay on, and complete them. Some have impairments in one area, all, or a combination.

Long- Term Memory
To store what was learned in the past and recalled when needed (think of a filing cabinet). When long-term memory is weak one can forget names, information studied for a test, and need repetition to retain what was learned.

Active Working Memory
Allows you to use remember information as needed while using it. Weak working memory working memory may need to repeatedly read directions while completing a task, lose track of steps completed, or

Logic & Reasoning
Analyze and solve problems

Auditory Processing
It’s the brains ability to recognize and interpret sounds even with no hearing problems. Leads to difficulties with decoding, confusing similar words, reading, comprehension, and spelling. Can have trouble following directions, remember what was heard, or block out competing background noises.

Visual Processing
The brains ability to make sense of what was seen and think in mental images. Weaknesses cause problems with reading maps, charts, graphs, comprehending and understanding what was read, and doing math word problems.

Processing Speed
Ability to complete work quickly and accurately. Weak processing speed results in the brain taking longer to receive, understand, and respond. Causing one to struggle with keeping up with lessons, completing tasks at school and during homework.

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