Executive Functioning and Brain Training for Attention Difficulties and ADHD

ADDvantages Learning Center provides training to help struggling students of all ages with attention difficulties and ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder). While we don’t diagnose or treat ADHD, we have helped many, whether or medication or not, to improve learning and attention performance through our brain training programs. We have even had some reduce or eliminate the need for medication under the care and supervision of their doctor.

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The Cause

ADHD is primarily a disorder of the executive function part of the brain, located in the prefrontal cortex. Depending on the on the type of ADHD (there are three), symptoms can vary. Because there are no visible or physical symptoms, this leads many to attribute behavioral symptoms to laziness or bad behavior in children and adults. They may feel the person with ADHD always has an excuse, is trying to talk his way out of something, or is being irresponsible by blaming others.


Those with ADHD receive negative feedback from parents, teachers, bosses, and spouses. It’s no wonder they feel judged and misunderstood for being unable to meet expectations and then lash out in anger. They can feel they are being reminded time and again to do household chores, homework, clean up after themselves, and so on. Feeling defeated, many give up and stop trying, which further angers those who are attempting to hold them accountable. The thinking is something like this: I’m trying to have patience with you, providing ways to help you, and you’re fighting me. ADHD is hard on families, can cause resentment, and requires sacrifices and accommodations. It’s exhausting and overwhelming for all involved.

There is hope! Just like going to the gym to strengthen muscles, the brain can be exercised to build executive functioning and processing skills with brain training. Things CAN improve. Start the process now.

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