Math Struggles

Executive Functioning and Brain Training for Math Struggles and Dyscalculia

Math Struggles

Spending hours at the kitchen table working on math can be stressful on the whole family! Nowadays, schools are teaching math differently, which is baffling to most parents, leaving them unable to help. They resort to the old ways they were taught, causing more confusion. Struggling math students and those with dyscalculia usually turn into adults who say they’re just bad at math. It’s a major problem that causes many to escape math in college by choosing alternate majors with basic math requirements. Though many excel in other subjects and receive accommodations, they cannot pass math classes and are unable to graduate from college.

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Facts on Dyscalculia

Although difficulties may vary from person to person, these individuals find math frustrating and difficult to learn. Problems with comprehending math symbols, memorizing and organizing numbers, telling time, counting change, reasoning, and calculations are just some of the challenges they may face. Approximately 20% of students with ADHD have dyscalculia.

Cognitive Processing Skills and Math

Individuals with poor working memory, visual processing, selective attention, and reasoning experience great difficulties with math. Strengthening these and other cognitive processing skills are the keys to unlocking all learning including math. We have helped many who struggle with math and dyscalculia. The most important thing is to get started right away to develop the weak underlying cognitive processing skills that are required for learning, including math, to occur. The more time that passes, the bigger the gap becomes, and the further behind your child will be. Waiting and hoping that a new teacher or school year will make the problem go away is only delaying progress and impacting your child’s self-esteem.

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