Adjusting to life with ADHD

Adjusting to life with ADHD

Let’s look at adjusting to life with ADHD. Overcoming ADHD to live a productive life is something every parent wants for their child with an ADHD diagnosis, however adjusting to life with ADHD is typically the answer. Finding lost keys in the refrigerator, running out of gas, spending an hour looking for my phone and once again coming home to discover dinner will not be served because I forgot to turn on the crockpot, are just some of my recent mishaps. All of this in addition to the work and personal responsibilities of the daily grind is stressful and mentally exhausting. No one knows what it’s like behind closed doors because I  and many others with ADHD do a such a good of ‘masking’ to fit in with those around us. The downside is we can only hold it in for so long before our so called ‘mess-ups’ become apparent to others.

Adjusting to work and social life with ADHD

Adjusting to work and social life with ADHDUnfortunately,  people on the outside of the ADHD culture are not as forgiving as those of us on the inside. They can be harsh with their feedback, when through no fault of our own, due the wiring of our brains, we don’t meet up to their standards. That is getting the same result but going about it a different way. There is no one way to do something, just as there are many routes to the same destination. Somehow in our society we are expected to conform to a set of unwritten rules that leaves those with ADHD open to judgement.

However unconventional our methods may be, they work for us. Many of my adult clients say the self-hate is torturous, ruminating thoughts telling them they’re lazy, incompetent, self-centered, plus some other things that can’t be put in writing!

Well-meaning ‘neurotypical’ friends tell them they are scattered, need to meditate, focus, use strategies, and to just do one thing at a time, as if they hadn’t tried those things already! There is a false belief strategies are remedies to eliminate the symptoms of ADHD or change the wiring of the brain.  Although I’m successful, have higher degrees in education, am well-spoken and have received accolades for my work, I still feel like I’m an imposter! I quite frequently need to remind myself I don’t have a character defect. I have a legitimate diagnosed disorder, just like one has heart disease or diabetes.

How I am adjusting to life with ADHD

I am adjusting to life with ADHDSo how did I turn lemons into lemonade? I did my research and found a better way. I now share my success with others and provide students of all ages with help and programs that do work. No, they are not just strategies, as mentioned above. Although strategies help, they are not good enough!

All of the programs I provide are based on the latest scientific research and I have personally completed them  myself. Not only have I experienced relief, I have been able to not just survive, but to thrive. I have exceeded my goals and am constantly creating new ones. But, the greatest reward of all is seeing the success of others!

Take my Brain Quiz and receive a complimentary 30- minute session to go over your results. You or your child  too can experience success, just like the hundreds of students I help over the past 20 years!

Linda Karanzalis, MS

Linda Karanzalis, MS, is a former special education classroom teacher with over 25 years of experience in the areas of learning disabilities, ADHD, social-emotional learning, social skills training, and behavior management


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