Who Does ADDvantages Learning Center Help?

Just as no two snowflakes are alike, all students are not alike.  The outward signs and vary per child. There are many components that contribute to learning and attention difficulties.

To name only a few — background and life experiences, temperament, personality, and teaching styles.   However on the average, most learning difficulties stem from cognitive processing issues. 

ADDvantages Learning Center of Cherry Hill NJ provides programs for all types of processing issues such as auditory, visual, memory, attention, logic and reasoning, processing speed and sensory integration.  

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Reading Problems

Auditory Processing Difficulties


Homework Frustration or Low Grades

Autism Spectrum


Struggling Students

Executive Function

College Students


and more!

Learn about our Assessment and how this first step can help you, your child  or loved one experience success.

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Linda Karanzalis, M.S.
Learning Specialist

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