Help for Struggling and/or Learning Disabled Students

Regardless of labels, we help ALL students with chronic and persistent learning difficulties to become independent learners.   The root cause for most of these students is weak cognitive processing skills.  Traditional methods have failed these students; the students themselves have not failed.

Our programs are not just for a select few. Struggling students can learn easier and faster with our brain training programs.  We have made a difference in the lives of hundreds students and families.  And we can help you too!

We Help Students Who: 

  •     Take hours to complete homework
  •     Become emotionally upset over school work
  •     Have trouble staying on task
  •     Do written work slowly
  •     Seem to lack motivation
  •     Get easily distracted
  •     Are frustrated with learning
  •     Argues with you over school work
  •     Forgets assignments and books
  •     Works longer and harder with little improvement
  •     Rushes through work and makes careless mistakes
  •     Is disorganized
  •     Avoids work that is hard and requires effort
  •     Problems in reading, writing, spelling, math
  •     Difficulty with organizing and expressing thoughts when writing
  •     Trouble in social situations, making and keeping friends
  •     Impatient, blurts out thoughts
  •     Has trouble waiting for things
  •     Difficulty taking notes
  •     Reverses letters or words
  •     Doesn’t retain taught concepts
  •     Needs repetition to learn
  •     Reports homework is finished, contrary to the facts
  •     Doesn’t like school
  •     Receives poor grades

We Help Parents Who Are:

  •     Tired of arguing over homework
  •     Feeling helpless as to help your child
  •     Sitting next to your child to “get work done”
  •     Tired of poor results with tutoring
  •     Thinking of different ways to get help get homework done
  •     Afraid to try medication
  •     Feeling guilty about the pain your child endures on a daily basis
  •     Exhausted- arguing with your child's school to listen to you and
        do something to help your child
  •     Constantly e-mailing and calling teachers and peers for assignments
  •     Hurting while watching your child try so hard while he says
        he is dumb or stupid
  •     Checking your child's work and demanding he fix it
  •     Find yourself "wishing" your child to do better, after all he is smart!     
  •     Spending money on helping your child but for all your money
        and time see no lasting results
  •     Thinking if only there were" two of you" you would have the time
        to not only help your child but give much needed
        attention to your other children
  •     Worried about your child’s future
  •     Embarrassed by things your child does or says in front of others
  •     Tire of saying, no, stop, or wait
  •     Drilling the material the night before a test-your child knows
        the material and then fails the test
  •     Needs a tutor just to get through school, cannot learn independently
  •     Afraid to stop re-teaching your child every night for fear of failing
  •     Tried everything, feel there is no way out or a light at
        the end of the rainbow
  •     Getting your child ready for school and out the door on time is a struggle
  •     Dangling rewards and consequences to get your child to apply himself
  •     Angry with your child for providing help while he seems not to
        care or appreciate all of your efforts
  •     Searching for papers and gathering supplies the night before because
        your child "forgot"  the assignment
  •     Nagging your child to get out of bed in the morning
  •     Feeling you would "do anything" to help your child succeed

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Nathan's confidence level has improved. He reads more easily and gets less frustrated when doing homework. I strongly recommend ADDvantages! I have also seen improvement in his working memory. He has gotten higher grades on tests no and if more confident in school. Joshua Rosenthal, Voorhees, NJ

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