Senior Citizens, Memory and Cognitive Skills

Approximately 16 percent of people over the age of 70 years in the world suffer from MCI, a mild cognitive impairment, affecting memory, language, reasoning and other mental functions. The onset of MCI can begin as early as the age of 50. When it comes to memory, it’s “use it or lose it.” The brain IS capable of producing new brain cells at any age!  Memory loss doesn’t have to be an inevitable result of aging.  So, regardless of age you can improve your cognitive skills!

The Science

A recent study showed cognitive challenges improve with mental stimulation and increase neurons in the brain.  Researchers call this neuroplasticy, meaning the brain has the ability to make new neural pathways.  So the typical symptoms of aging, memory and reasoning can be changed and maintained.  The famous “Nun Study” has proven those who remain active and continually challenge their mental skills are the most physically fit. 

Lower Your Risk of Mental Decline for Quality of Life

Mental exercise makes your brain work better, lowers the risk of mental decline, and improve the quality of your life.  Our programs for seniors significantly boost brainpower, are non-evasive and don’t involve drugs!  Our mental fitness exercises are fun and effective! You no longer need to expect and endure the affects of  mental deterioration throughout your life-span!

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