Dyslexia is simply a term used to describe reading problems.  Virtually all of those with dyslexia have difficulty with language, memory, and process speed.  It is a learning disability in which one cannot recognize or use appropriate language symbols.

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After trying just about everything and being frustrated with my son's frustration, we found ADDvantages. Immediately we noticed our son enthusiasm, just be a little success, that grew all the time. His memory sharpened, desire to keep going increased, logic and reasoning started to connect by realizing he wasn't dumb, but just needed some assistance in unlocking some things in his brain that was already there. I just loved working the program and have recommended ADDvantages to many of my friends whose kids are struggling. Struggling in school really lowers their self-esteem, but this has boosted my sons. He has also taught me as a parent. I wish we could have found ADDvantages earlier in his age. He is doing great!
Amy Ritts, Cherry Hill, NJ

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