Autistic Spectrum

It is estimated that 1 in 110 children in the United States are diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorders. Children with PDD traits, Asperger’s Syndrome, and Autism, all have varying symptoms to one degree or another with social skills, empathy, communication, flexibility/behavior, and sensory difficulties.  Each person is an individual; therefore symptoms vary in combination, behaviors, and abilities. 

No label can identify your child’s specific needs. When looking for help focus on your child’s needs instead of the problem.  Most importantly, you don’t need to wait for a diagnosis to start getting help for your child’s symptoms.  Seeking a medical diagnosis is important, but starting treatment far outweighs waiting for a diagnosis.  Diagnosis can be a long process due to many factors.

Cognitive training (brain training) help students with autism, Asperger’s syndrome, PDD traits, and other autistic spectrum symptoms.  The nature of cognitive training is very appealing to these children as the training is highly structured, consistent, regular, repetitive, and predictable.  The training develops cognitive processing skills (also known as executive functioning skills) that are crucial to their developmental success.

Students in the spectrum experience great difficulty in processing speed, working memory, expressive/receptive language and logic/reasoning abilities.  The training develops stronger connections between  neural networks (brain pathways), increasing the ability to tolerate changes, increase flexibility, reduce frustration, make transitions, and a provides an  overall bettter quality of life.

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I can't tell you how much your program has changed our lives. Our daily routine has completely changed. I feel like I am a better, more effective mother. No more nagging, no more anxiety, no more stress and no more pressure. Hannah's morning consists of waking up, getting dressed, brushing her teeth, straightening up her room, making her bed, practicing violin, eating breakfast, and packing up her back pack. She gets all of this completed without prompting and better yet, without complaining! In addition to her stellar performance in the classroom, I am proud ( and relieved) to report that there are NO homework issues anymore! She no longer requires that I sit with her and re-teach her anything. There are no more tears, no more drama, no more excuses and no more procrastination. She is proud of herself and happy.
Lisa Roche, Haddonfield, NJ

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