Neuroscientists Have Changed Their Thinking

In the past 20 years neuroscientists  have the changed their thinking about how cognitive functions, neuroscience and the brain relate to each other. The old school of thought was the brain was fixed, meaning it couldn’t grow or change through the lifespan.

This belief has been challenged by new findings, revealing that many aspects of the brain remain plastic, even into adulthood. Modern researchers have established the brain remains malleable (flexible and changeable) throughout a person’s life span.  The term used to describe this is known as neuroplasticity and/or plasticity.

Neuroplasticity and Learning

Learning, retaining, applying requires large collections of neurons to be active simultaneously to process neural information; the more neurons activated, the better we learn.  Neuroplasticity leads to permanent structural changes that hard-wire the learned information into the neural pathways of our brains.  The change (new information) either alters into the existing brain pathway, or forms a new one. Further repetition of the same information or experience increases the number of connections that can access it – again and again, resulting in easier, faster, frustration free learning.

You Can Train Your Brain!

Because of neuroplasticity, you can train your brain’s mental skills (cognitive processing skills) to fully develop.  Efficient “brain skills” make for easier and faster learning, improving academics, behavior, and social skills needed for  school, on the job, and quality of life.  No more homework  battles, poor grades, tutoring, hours of studying, low self-esteem, ‘senior moments’ and much more.

But Does It Last?  Will I have to Do it Over?

No you will not be “cured.” You will significantly improve in the above areas as they become ‘hard wired’ to happen ‘automatically.’  Automaticity is the mind’s ability to perform a task with very little effort, attention, and conscious control. Just like the pupils of your eyes shrink automatically in strong light and the beating of your heart occurs without conscious thought, so too for learning.  Think how frustrating it would be if your brain did not have “automaticity?”  How frustrating it would be to re-learn how to drive your car  every time you needed to drive! 

When you do repeat something you have done many times successfully without giving it any thought, it’s your brain’s ability to process ‘automatically’ without a second thought.  The following are just a few examples of what one can do with intact processing skills and automaticity: play the piano, knit, type, text message, drive somewhere you know the way as your hands seem to move on their own while your mind goes somewhere else, and the words to songs you haven’t heard in years. So too with learning,  when you or your child’s cognitive processing skills function on an automatic level he no longer needs to “work harder and longer”  to meet his potential.  The gains made with brain training are permanent. It’s science, simple as that.

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