Why Choose ADDvantages?

Once the brain learns new skills the “rewiring” sticks. Your child will then be able to receive the benefit of school instruction without needing continual support.The results are permanent, learning is easier and faster in school and home.Your child and family will no longer  “endure” daily homework struggles.

Emotionally and Financially Cost Effective

Unlock You or Your Child's Potential

If you add up all the money you have spent on getting “extra help” over the years and the emotional toll it has taken on your child  and family, you will realize the results have not warranted the costs. Learning centers and franchises typically work with your child in small groups to re-learn school material without lasting results and charge much higher fees. We work with each child one on one for optimal results at a faster rate with lower fees. This compares to spending 12 – 15 months at most tutoring and learning centers and repeating again in a year or two because the cause of the learning problem has not been addressed.

Program Benefits of ADDvantages Learning Center:

  • Increases Memory Capacity
  • Creates Independent Learners
  • Learn from School Instruction
  • Refines Time Management and Organizational skills.
  • Boosts Team Skills
  • Furthers Problem Solving and Pre-Planning Skills
  • Better Perseverance and Follow Through
  • Increases  Coordination  and Sensory Integration
  • Greater Mathematical, Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Comprehension Abilities
  • Increases Responsibility
  • Greater Focus and Concentration
  • More Confidence, Motivation, Self-Esteem
  • Creates  a Sense of Achievement
  • Promotes Social and Self Control Skills
  • Develops Listening Skills
  • Teaches Self- Discipline
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Elevates Learning Capacity
  • Smoother and Easier Transitions
  • Promotes Success and Happiness in Life, Career, and School
  • Less Stress for You, Your Child, and Family

There is hope with ADDvantages' programs.

Learn about our Assessment and how this first step can help you, your child  or loved one experience success.

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