What Makes ADDvantages a Better Choice
over Franchised Centers ?

Why Choose ADDvantages Learning Center?

  • We strive to make a significant difference in the life of your child. 
  • We form relationships with parents and children, you are not a number.
  • We know firsthand what it’s like for students who struggle in school (despite average to above average intelligence) and the toll it takes on your family and finances to get the right kind of help. 
  • We are not bound to using “canned or turnkey” programs which cannot meet individual needs.
  • We are highly qualified and have advanced expertise in working with students with attention, learning, or social differences. 
  • We do not work with children in groups who are struggling with academics.  All of our students work one on one with an instructor for half the cost of working in small groups at a franchise.  One on one instruction is required for long term success
  • We don’t just tutor and re-teach more of what your child gets in school.  If this worked, you wouldn’t be looking for help.
  • We provide programs for social skills, behavior, self-esteem, study skills, parent training to assist you with the issues encompassed with learning, attention, and development difficulties.  
  • We receive referrals from physicians, psychologists, teachers, audiologists, speech therapists and other disciplines due to our excellent reputation. We communicate and provide feedback to other professionals you and your child may be working with to provide the best service possible.
  • Our parents are so pleased that we have a high percentage of referrals, allowing us to eliminate expensive advertising costs and set reasonable rates. 
  • We are the leading experts in “brain training” (cognitive processing skills training) and have been providing this training for over 15 years. Many others are now just “jumping on the bandwagon” with little to no training, experience, or track record of results.
  • We do not overly test students and charge for unnecessary testing.  Most of our parents have “reams” of paper describing their child’s difficulties. These tests more often than not, do not identify the root causes of learning difficulties, nor do they help the child to become an independent learner.
  • Our services are affordable for the average family. We do not overcharge to cover the costs of high overhead and administration expenses as franchises do.
  • We compensate our employees at a much higher rate than a franchise to provide quality instructors with little to turnover.

Here are a few more detailed reasons that make
ADDvantages Learning Center a better fit
for your ADD-itional learning needs:

Long Term Investment Instead of a Temporary Band – Aid

Year after year the expenses of tutoring really do add up. At ADDvantages Learning center it’s a once in a lifetime investment. Our services are much more cost effective in comparison to hiring a private tutor each year and/or and franchised centers. These centers often recommend over 200 hours of tutoring which compares to spending 12 – 15 months in school. Then there is the need to repeat the tutoring again in a year or two because the cause of the learning problem has not been addressed. The students do not become independent learners. At ADDvantages we provide services and programs that can save you thousands of dollars in ongoing tutoring costs and expensive testing.

Emotionally and Financially Cost Effective

If you add up all the money you have spent on getting “extra help” over the  years and the emotional toll it has taken on your child and family, you will realize the results have not warranted the costs. Many of our students have been in therapy or counseling, which focus only on the feelings and strategies in an attempt to overcome the lasting affects of learning difficulties, such as low self-esteem, frustration, anxiety and even depression over their inability to achieve and learn efficiently. These feelings often follow students well into their adults years, causing them to lack self-confidence and reduce their earning potential, happiness, and success.

Faster Results by Treating the Causes of Learning Difficulties, Not Just the Symptoms.

The quickest way to solve any problem is to identify the cause.  If your car is leaking oil and you need to put more in everyday, it’s just a temporary fix until the cause of the leaking oil is identified and repaired.  So too with learning. At ADDvantages we identify the underlying causes that are making learning difficult and remediate (repair) without on-going and continual tutoring.  This “treatment” (tutoring) does not address the cause, leaving the underlying processing skills “un-treated.” It’s like having your child swim in an endless ocean!

We are Unlike Schools who Teach Academics and Tutors Who Re-Teach Academics

Your child’s learning difficulties are not due to faulty teachers. After all, the majority of students are doing just fine with the same instruction. If your child is receiving special services or extra help at school and never gets to the point of independent learning, despite alternative and multi-sensory methods, what good is it? WE offer an approach that is different. Although you may feel your child still needs a tutor, why not try an approach that is not offered at school? Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

Life Changing

The potential rewards from our programs are dramatic. Imagine your child without that underlying processing or memory glitch.

While tutoring is incremental — it is simply extra practice.


Linda Karanzalis, (owner) is a leading expert in the field of ADHD/ADD/and  LD.  She has been a featured guest on the TV Show “You, Me and TV, a frequent guest of FM/AM radio stations, author of “Ask the ADDvisor” for South Jersey Mom Magazine, and currently writes an “Ask the Expert” blog for the ADDitude Magazine, a nationally published printed magazine for adults and parents of children with ADHD/ADD on their website. She is also the coordinator of CHADD (children and adults with attention deficit disorder) of South Jersey.

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